Research And Development

Research & Development

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PCD can help you create novel solutions to your process problems.  We develop new treatment chemistries to address some of the hardest-to-treat industrial wastes, enabling your company to be environmentally responsible while keeping costs reasonable.  We offer laboratory proof-of-concept, bench scale testing, and pilot plant scale studies for processes and products.

Some of the projects which we have realized in the past are:

  • Development of treatment chemistry for the removal of metals including lead, cadmium, arsenic, and antimony for use in rubber manufacturing and lead-acid battery recycling industries
  • Equipment trial and bench studies for industries including rubber manufacturing and chemical manufacturing industries
  • Development of the Oxigent oxidation skids for use in sulfite oxidation in the lead-acid battery recycling and power industries
  • Analytical method development and selection for process control and data collection in the lead-acid battery recycling and manufacturing industries