oxigentThe Challenge
Numerous industrial processes and air pollution control systems designed to remove sulfur dioxide generate sulfite-containing wastewaters in the process. Sulfite is a strong oxygen scavenger that can create oxygen-deficient zones in surface waters, inhibit biological activity in publicly-owned treatment works (POTWs) using aerobic bacteria (i.e., activated sludge processes), and exhibit toxicity to aquatic species. Whether discharged directly to surface waters or indirectly to POTWs, sulfite is undesirable in industrial wastewater effluents.

The Oxigent Solution
Sulfite is typically removed from industrial wastewater by oxidation to sulfate, which is generally less toxic. Oxigent’s proprietary, continuous flow system is designed to oxidize sulfite while producing high oxygen uptake rates and maximum oxygen utilization efficiency. Oxigent achieves an oxygen utilization efficiency that reduces the cost of oxygen supply, minimizes the emission of vent gases from the system, and expedites the entire process.

Oxigent helps you successfully manage your environmental issues while maximizing your performance.

Our Services
The Oxigent team delivers the following turnkey services, backed by performance assurances, to take your sulfite oxidation project from conceptual design through operation and maintenance:

  • In-house bench-scale and/or onsite pilot-scale studies
  • Complete skid-mounted systems
  • Engineering design
  • Equipment procurement
  • Construction
  • Startup and troubleshooting
  • Operator training

Advantages of Oxigent
Oxigent addresses your sulfite oxidation needs while offering numerous financial, operational, and environmental benefits over traditional oxidation approaches, including the following:

Improved Financial Performance

  • Reduced capital investment. The reduced size of the Oxigent system and the simplicity of its operation typically result in lower capital investments than those required for competitive technologies.
  • Lower operating costs. Oxigent’s unique design maximizes oxygen utilization, thereby reducing overall operating costs. Oxigent customers have realized savings of up to 50% when compared to alternative technologies.
  • Reduced financial risks. Oxigent offers performance assurances that reduce the financial uncertainties typically associated with large equipment purchases.

Improved Operations

  • Improved productivity. Oxigent’s unique design increases oxidation rates and reduces residence times. The shorter residence time, in turn, allows the system to occupy a smaller footprint, thus freeing up more square footage for you to devote to your production lines.
  • Maximized flexibility. By successfully oxidizing sulfite across a broad range of concentrations and flow rates, Oxigent is able to provide maximum operating flexibility in upstream air pollution control or other equipment.
  • Expedited installation. We can deliver Oxigent as a skid-mounted turnkey system, which allows for relatively short lead times and ease of installation.

Reduced Environmental Liability

  • Improved effluent quality. Oxigent can operate with maximum efficiency under varying influent conditions, assuring effluent quality.
  • Minimal system emissions. The maximized oxygen efficiency of the Oxigent process alleviates emission concerns from the system.