Service Offerings


PCD will work with you and regulators to determine what permits you require and to make sure that they are accurate and filed on time so you don’t have to worry.


Characterization of client samples is one of the first steps that we take when starting a new project. With the laboratory that we have at our offices and information about our client’s processes, we are able to identify problem constituents in the wastewater. Our laboratory capabilities allow us to examine the effects of chemical treatment options at a small scale.

Research and Development

Sometimes the standard techniques used in industrial wastewater treatment won’t meet your needs. PCD is ready to develop new treatment chemistries and proof them from bench scale reactors to pilot plants and full scale production plants.

System Design

PCD has years of experience with industry proven treatment methods and would be glad to design a treatment system to meet the requirements of your process.

System Fabrication

PCD often acts as an original equipment manufacturer and can also assist you in fabrication through project management, construction oversight, and finding reliable subcontractors to work on your site.


PCD offers this skid mounted solution for your sulfite oxidation problems. If you are considering a forced air oxidation system, or currently use hydrogen peroxide to treat sulfite in your wastewater, you should not make your decision until you look at this treatment method.

Projects Portfolio

At PCD, we are faced with many different types of projects. We have gathered several of the projects that we have completed in the past to show how we approach our client’s problems and help them find solutions.